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Paul Clay / Fictive

La MaMa E.T.C

Alice: End of Daze Touring Info and Equipment List

Paul Clay: Statement on Video Mixing

Murph Henderson: Nurturing New Work Through International Collaboration

Radical Theater in a Conservative Era
(Ed Herbst, Village Voice)

Skinner Releasing Web Site

Notes on the Skinner Releasing Technique
(Contact Quarterly)

Releasing Dance: Interview with Joan Skinner
(Stephanie Skura, Contact Quarterly)

Artus/Company Gábor Goda

Edward Herbst/Bali 1928 Project

Voices in Bali: Energies and Perceptions in Vocal Music and Dance Theater
(Edward Herbst)

Bali 1928 CDs by Arbiter of Cultural Traditions

Remembering Frank Baker: 1908-2000
(Edward Herbst)

Contact Quarterly

NET: Network of Ensemble Theaters

Voices in Bali - Reviews

Review by Brita Renee Heimarck in Asian Music (PDF, 1.3MB)

Review by Jacob Wainwright Love in Anthropological Linguistics (PDF, 1.4MB)

Review by Michael Bakan in Yearbook for Traditional Music (PDF, 2MB)

Review by Michael Tenzer in Ethnomusicology (PDF, 3.5MB)